Gary Pennycuff has been an auctioneer in the Metro-plex since 1991. You won't get the slow English style of auction calling. He blends his rhythmic auctioneer chant along with humor to excite the crowd and promote competitive bidding. He takes great pride in making sure the crowd knows the bids at all times and will do everything in his power to keep the event right on time.

Certified Member of:

National Auctioneers Association Texas Auctioneers Association

Welcome to GDP Auctioneer Services

Licensed, Dependable, & Entertaining Auctioneer Professionals

GDP Auctioneer Services is a company with impeccable credentials specializing exclusively in Benefit and Charity Fundraising Events. GDP doesn?t just show up the day of your event, call the auction and leave. They are there to assist customers from "Day 1". Your auctioneer should be hired at least (6) months in advance and be licensed by the State of Texas. (It?s the law).

GDP Offers:

  • Assistance from the day hired from check-in to check-out
  • Training sessions for committee members and volunteers
  • Unlimited e-mail and phone contact
  • Assistance with the program and event itinerary
  • Innovative money making ideas
  • Guidance in the selection and packaging of Live Auction items
  • Advice in selecting the sequence of the Live Auction packages
  • Dependable auctioneer along with the best licensed auction spotters in the business
  • Rental of State-of-the-Art audio equipment
  • Photographs of the Event
  • Post auction review and much, much more!
Think about Your Out of Pocket Expenses
Does the band you pay bring in revenue?
Does the caterer you hire bring in proceeds?
Does the florist and designer make capital for your event?

Your Professional Auctioneer is the only "Money Maker" from all your Out of Pocket Expenses. The Auctioneer will pay for himself with his vast experience and knowledge.

Remember, experience is not expensive?it?s priceless!

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